Connect with a Small Group

What is A Small Group?

  • A group that continues to reach, grow and multiply (Matt. 28:19-20)
  • A group where community and fellowship take place (Matt. 22:37,39)
  • A group that focuses on learning the Word to live it (2Peter 3:18 or Jam 1:22)
  • A group where prayer and ministry takes place (Gal. 6:10)
  • A group where people learn to use their gifts (Ecc. 11:4)

The goal of every group is to produce transformed lives that influence others in a Christ-like way.

At House of Praise International, we value people. We believe that strong, personal relationships are vital for a strong community. The heart cry of every human being is an overwhelming need for community. Christian community is essential because God created us to be relational and not isolationist.

Essential Values of Community

  • Our Relationship With God
  • Our Relationship With One Another
  • Our Relationships With the Lost World
  • God’s Relationship With Us

Why Should I Connect with a Small Group?

Small Groups create a place for weekly accountability and support for spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

  • Small Groups are a place where you, as a member, will be encouraged to grow in prayer, worship and in the knowledge and application of the Word of God.
  • Small Groups provide a safe place to bring your friends and relatives who may have reservations of attending a church service.
  • Being in a Small Group also makes you part of a team that works together to win souls and make disciples throughout our region.

We have a small group network which models the early church. These groups are dispersed throughout the region and meet at different times throughout the week.

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